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The association Friends of the Parish and Priory Church of St George,Dunster
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has been formed in order to develop and foster links between the church
and all those who feel moved to take a continuing interest in the building and its
Those of you who may have entered this beautiful Church for reasons of
worship, prayer, marriage, baptism or bereavement will have experienced the
comfort and peace from the presence of the Lord Jesus. Those who may have
visited out of interest in the building will undoubtedly have appreciated and
admired the architectural and highly significant historical points of interest
within the walls and grounds of the Parish Church of St. George.
There is a need and a unique opportunity for Friends old and new to contribute
to the Parish and Priory Church of St. George to preserve this beautiful house
of the Lord and its outstanding medieval architecture. Whether you are moved
by the spirit or by the physical presentation or the historical features you may
have an attachment to this building. It is now after so many years of giving and
providing, that this Church looks to Friends to uphold and support it by
offering a contribution by means of an annual subscription in order that present
and future generations may continue to enjoy its splendour.
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